Tae Brown

Tae Brown

Certified Community Health Worker

Which Year Did You Start Working at Mazzoni Center?


In One Sentence, Why Do You Choose to Work at Mazzoni Center?

I'm here to help and be a good steward.

What’s One of Your Favorite Things To Do When You’re Not Working?

Creating content for social media, music, dancing, volunteering, and finding new ways and things to add to my self-care routine.

What Do You Do For Self Care?

I self care by straightening up/or cleaning my place, then I tend to my temple (face, hair & body), followed by a gua sha stone massage to help with daily stress and  to promote self-reflection because I do this routine in the mirror. Lastly, I prefer to eat a home-cooked meal paired with a good show or movie to end the night.

What are Your Favorite Things to Do in Philly?

My favorite this to do in Philly is to go to shows, art galleries, community events, and try new restaurants.

What Should the Community Know About Your Work?

In my work, I strive to bring a holistic and compassionate approach to supporting individuals and communities. Drawing from my diverse background and experience, I utilize various modalities and clinical specialties to provide comprehensive care and impactful training.  As a Community Health Worker at the Mazzoni Center, I am skilled in trauma-informed care, recognizing the unique needs of individuals experiencing crisis, including those facing homelessness, housing insecurity, and food insecurity. I am adept at creating safe and supportive spaces for clients, promoting their physical and emotional well-being.  My clinical specialties include trauma-informed care, crisis intervention, and advocacy. I am trained to provide compassionate support to individuals navigating complex healthcare systems and legal processes. I am dedicated to promoting health equity and empowering marginalized communities.  I bring a blend of knowledge and skills from my background in Theology Studies, Performing Arts, and Trauma-Informed Care. I aim to create engaging and inclusive learning environments, fostering dialogue, and encouraging participants to develop a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.  Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to building a more compassionate and just society, one that prioritizes the well-being and empowerment of all individuals and communities.