The Yes, PLEASE! curriculum incorporates active discussion, models inclusive best practices, and introduces youth (ages 13-24) to a wide variety of local and national resources. By the end of the series, participants report that they feel more in control over their sexual health and more confident to explore their individual identities. Workshops can be offered as a series or requested individually.

Available workshop topics include:

  • self-worth
  • implicit bias
  • attraction
  • sex & gender
  • degendering bodies
  • HIV 101
  • sexual decision-making (please note, a condom demonstration is included)
  • sexual empowerment (this workshop is available within the series only)
  • consent & communication
  • digital decision-making
  • healthy relationships

Yes PLEASE! Full Session Descriptions

How does it work? 

Each session has a video-based guided lesson intended to be used in tandem with the corresponding Yes, PLEASE! Session workbook. For the flipped classroom, the web-based assessment tool is used and adapted for each lesson, in lieu of the individual workshop assessments utilized in the in-person iteration of the series. 

Once students have completed the guided lesson and submitted their web-based assessment tools, a live discussion group via preferred video-chatting platform is scheduled within 5 days of posting the guided lesson. This discussion group is designed to connect directly with youth and ensure content is fully integrated and understood in its full context.  

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