Project HEARRT

Project HEARRT

Project HEARRT (Healing, Education, Addiction, Relapse, Recovery, Treatment) is a workshop created for family members and loved ones of individuals with substance use or addiction concerns.  Participants of the workshop will receive educational information about addiction, recovery, and everything in between.  The information provided will help participants in their effort better support their loved ones from a place of compassion and understanding, while also maintaining healthy boundaries through effective communication.

This will also be a safe space for participants to find support, resources, and information related to loving someone with substance use or addiction issue.  Furthermore, the content discussed will focus heavily on substance use and recovery among the LGBTQ+ community. Whether your loved one is in the beginning stages of their recovery, in long-term recovery, or continuing active substance use, this workshop has something for you.

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For more information, please reach out to 215-563-0652 ext 215.