The Supreme Court of the United States has issued its most significant ruling on abortion in nearly 25 years. By a vote of 5 to 3 the justices declared that a 2013 Texas law requiring abortion providers to meet a numbers of strict standards created an undue burden for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies and was therefore unconstitutional. Mazzoni Center CEO Nurit Shein said: “We are pleased that the court has reviewed this law and recognized that its true aim was restricting access to care, rather than protecting women.” “We believe that everyone should have access... More
This 22-page handbook, which was written and produced by Mazzoni Center's education staff in conjunction with students in our Ally Safe Schools program, offers advice and inspiration for students, faculty, or parents interested in forming a Gay (or Queer) Straight Alliance in their local school. Building a Fierce GSA is aimed at anyone who shares our commitment to working with and empowering youth. More
A guide for supporting transgender students in K-12 schools. More
A Support Guide for Parents, Family and Friends of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People, developed and published by PFLAG . More
With the holiday season upon us, there are abundant opportunities for connection and enjoyment – in addition to stress! So much of our holiday stress is connected to outsized expectations, family tensions, financial concerns, intimate relationships, travel headaches, or other factors. Some good news: whatever the source of your stress, mindfulness can be a powerful and effective tool to help you more fully experience the things that delight you at this time of year. Mindfulness is primarily about paying attention to life in this moment. Not only can it help us enjoy more, it can help us... More
The holidays can often be a stressful time for LGBTQ people or their families, but there are many strategies that you can use to help reduce stress and enjoy a happy holiday this year. Each year the staff of our Open Door Counseling & Behavioral Health program compiles a Holiday Survival Guide, filled with advice and suggestions for managing holiday stress, coping with loneliness, or finding new activities to make the season both meaningful and memorable. More
Already this year, twenty-one transgender people have been murdered in the United States. Imagine how startling this figure is to a parent whose child has expressed gender nonconformity, or someone whose partner has just come out as trans. Fortunately, there are a growing number of organizations, including Mazzoni Center and the Trans-Health Information Project at GALAEI, that offer direct services, support and resources for trans or gender nonconforming individuals in the Philadelphia area. But where can Significant Others, Families, Friends or Allies of people of trans experience - also... More