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We were honored to join with GALAEI , Philly's Queer [email protected] Social Justice organization, on Monday, June 12 for their community BBQ in memory and recognition of the 49 lives taken at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida last year. It was an opportunity to gather in love and community with fellow service providers, friends and community members, to affirm the importance of safe spaces and of supporting vulnerable members of our communities, particularly LGBTQ people of color. Guests at the event enjoyed food, drinks, and music, and... More
On June 12, 2016, Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida was hosting their weekly "Latin Night." The venue was packed with patrons – gay and straight, young and older – from the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and elsewhere. About 320 people were inside the club when at 2:02 a.m. a shooter entered the building and opened fire. The ordeal went on for three hours before the gunman was brought down by police. 49 people were lost and 68 were injured others in the deadliest incident of violence against LGBTQ people in United States history. The youngest... More
The incoming Congress has made removing health care and health protections for millions of people one of its first priorities. More than 1​.1​ million people gained coverage in PA through the Affordable Care Act, including​ nearly​ 7​0​0,000 people that benefited from Medicaid Expansion. On Thursday, January 26th at 11 a.m., ​as Donald Trump and GOP leaders gather in Philadelphia, thousands will rally ​in a show of support for the ACA and protecting access to healthcare ​for all Americans at Thomas Paine Plaza just outside the Municipal Services Building (just across from the north side of... More
Note: this post was written by Maurice McCants-Pearsall, MBA , who serves as a project coordinator for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, AIDS Activities Coordinating Office , and originally appeared in the special 2016 World AIDS Day issue of the Philadelphia Gay News . We thought it was a terrific overview of the CLUB 1509 project that AACO recently launched,... More
Mazzoni Center was the first AIDS service organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the fourth in the United States. Our agency was founded as a small, grassroots, all-volunteer clinic in 1979, a few short years before the first cases of HIV/AIDS began to appear in Philadelphia and around the country. Our history means that we've had a broader perspective on AIDS not simply as a medical condition, but as something that may also impact a person’s social, emotional, and economic well-being. Our continuum of care services has evolved to support individuals in meeting these... More
October 15 is National Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness Day . This observance is more important than ever, as we know from a recent CDC report that Latinx and/or Hispanics accounted for 1 in 4 (24%) new HIV infections in 2014. Many factors contribute to the incidence of HIV, including barriers to accessing health care and health insurance, fear, stigma, xenophobia, and misinformation. This Saturday my colleague... More
This fall we're excited to introduce a series of video "mission moments," in which staffers from across the agency share some of the experiences that remind us why our work is meaningful. In this video, Mazzoni Education Specialist Dennis Caulk talks about a mission moment he had while working with youth in our #A1PHA Project , which aims to build leadership skills and health awareness in young men of color and trans-identified women who have sex with men. More information about Mazzoni's #A1PHA project, and other programs for LGBTQ... More
*Updated 10/11/16 with details about the upcoming PCHR Town Hall meeting. See below. There’s been a great deal of turmoil in Philadelphia’s LGBTQ communities in recent months - and many would rightly point out, for much longer. The issues of racism and discrimination are not new, but the conversation has intensified, and several recent incidents have brought a heightened awareness and sense of outrage. In addition to Saturday's Philly Trans* March , this weekend marks the annual Outfest event, which is meant to provide a safe... More
The National LGBTQ Task Force presents this daylong education, advocacy and skill building event on Saturday, September 10 at the African American Museum in Philadelphia . If you feel passionate about ending racial injustice, please join us for a day of learning, storytelling and skill building for queer and ally people of color and white folks who want to build their anti-racist skills and explore applying these in the LGBTQ movement and beyond. Deepen you... More
Growing up as an adolescent of color and as a member of the LGBT community, I can vividly recall the fear and angst I would experience at even the slightest mention of HIV. It was a virus that was never thoroughly explained or a topic that was never truly explored, but I was always very scared to know my own status because of the negative things I heard. This was a sentiment that was very common among my friends and peer groups. Even now, for many reasons, such as stigma and discrimination, I believe people are still afraid to have candid conversations about HIV, sexual health, and overall... More