We are pleased to announce the Mazzoni’s Sisterly L.O.V.E. program has been awarded $6,000 from the Bread & Roses Community Fund ’s Future Fund. The award was part of Bread & Roses’ Spring 2017 Giving Project, which distributed a total of $266,000 in grants to local movements and groups “fighting for real change.” Developed for transgender women by transgender women, Sisterly L.O.V.E. seeks to provide its members with leadership development and skill-building training, with the goal of increasing... More
Did you know…? 49% of LGBTQ students report being cyber bullied 55.5% of students feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation 38.7% because of their gender expression Across the globe, millions of people go purple on Spirit Day , observed on the third Thursday of October, to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth. Purple signifies “spirit” on the gay pride flag. According to GLAAD ’s website, folks “will celebrate Spirit... More
Mazzoni Center is proud to join with more than 50 organizations dedicated to LGBTQ equality and/or gun violence protections from around the U.S. in taking a stand against gun violence. In an open letter posted by the Arcus Foundation , and circulated on a number of websites, this coalition of agencies points out that the June 12 massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which took the lives of 49 people, underscores “how vulnerable LGBTQ... More
“Safe space” is a phrase that comes up frequently in our work — so frequently, in fact, that I had not stopped to fully and truly consider its meaning for a long time. Until last week. In the LGBTQ community, we think of safe spaces as places like bars, clubs and community centers, where people gather to be themselves, to express themselves, to be affectionate with one another, to seek friendship, support and love. The idea is that a safe space allows you to do any or all these things fearlessly and without judgment. Other examples of space spaces would include therapy... More
This is a difficult time for our community. LGBTQ communities around the country and around the world – particularly LGBTQ communities of color – are deeply impacted by the senseless tragedy in Orlando. In solidarity with Orlando, as a community, we also experience the feelings of shock, anger, and grief. In response, Mazzoni Center’s Open Door program has made staff available to provide crisis counseling by phone or on a drop-in basis for anyone in the community who need extra support at this time. In addition, the Open Door, in collaboration with the Therapy Center of... More
All of us are reeling from the news of early Sunday morning’s mass murder at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida that has left at least 49 people dead and many more severely injured. As more details about the tragic act of violence have been confirmed, we now know that this was a deliberate attack on an LGBTQ space, and specifically a space for queer Latinx people, who made up the vast majority of those killed and wounded, to come together and find community. It is believed that at least half of those murdered were... More
Join us for our monthly Citywide GSA event! It's a chance to network with other students from around Philly and join in on the conversation on topics from creating a GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance), creating a safer space at school, and much more. Hear from students and learn about what is going on with your peers in and out of school. FREE PIZZA and TOKENS for all youth that attend. More
This 22-page handbook, which was written and produced by Mazzoni Center's education staff in conjunction with students in our Ally Safe Schools program, offers advice and inspiration for students, faculty, or parents interested in forming a Gay (or Queer) Straight Alliance in their local school. Building a Fierce GSA is aimed at anyone who shares our commitment to working with and empowering youth. More
According to the Sexual Violence in the Transgender Community Survey , one in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. Some reports even estimate this number to be as high as 66%, with the most impacted communities being transgender youth, transgender people of color, individuals living with disabilities, homeless individuals, and those involved in the sex trade. In 2015 alone, at least 20 trans women in the United States have been murdered. This is a state of... More