Student Leadership Board Workshop: An interactive workshop discussing the intersectionality of gender identity and sexual orientation and the importance of being a trans ally. Facebook Event Page More
We celebrate Philly Youth Pride with Ally Homecoming! This is a party to celebrate the start of the school year with live performances, food, dancing, and a LGBTQ affirming environment. We also will crown a Homecoming Court for Best Drag. This event is free of charge for all students (student I.D. required/ RSVP recommended) . Ally Safe School Program aims to develop safe spaces in the Gayberhood for youth to connect and have fun. Click here to RSVP for HOMECOMING! More
Students and schools are invited to attend the GSA Fair where they can relax, connect to resources, generate ideas for GSAs, or share stories with their peers. In order to support GSA programming, community LGBTQ organizations from all over the city will come out to offer their programming and services to students. Activities, games, crafts, and food will be provided. Click Here to Register Your Students for the Fair Contact about attending or presenting at the GSA Fair: ... More
If you are between 18-24 years old you can get *FREE* legal support on Wednesday, June 22 from 5:00-7:00PM during our youth drop-in clinic at Mazzoni Center, 1348 Bainbridge Street. No appointment required. Stop in and learn more! More
Mazzoni's 2017 LEAD event will take place Thursday, May 4 from 8:15AM to 3:00PM at the offices of the School District of Philadelphia, 440 N. Broad Street. Last year's LEAD conferenc drew more than 200 youth, teachers and other school staff for a full day of education and conversation aimed at building safer spaces and affirming school environments for young people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. (You can read more about last year's LEAD event on our blog... More
Yesterday the Trump administration made it official: it is backing away from protecting the rights of transgender and gender nonconforming youth to fair treatment in America’s schools. Officials from the Department of Justice and the Department of Education, under the new leadership of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, issued a joint letter that reverses legal guidance by the Obama administration last May, which, among other points, explained that a school engages in discrimination when denying transgender students access to school facilities,... More
We know that trans and gender nonconforming youth face extremely high levels of rejection, discrimination, verbal and physical harassment at schools . This has a direct connection to their disproportionate drop-out rates, as well as the higher incidence of homelessness, unemployment, and suicide attempts among trans/gnc youth. That's why we were alarmed to learn that the Department of Education and Department of Justice... More
Note: this post was written by Maurice McCants-Pearsall, MBA , who serves as a project coordinator for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, AIDS Activities Coordinating Office , and originally appeared in the special 2016 World AIDS Day issue of the Philadelphia Gay News . We thought it was a terrific overview of the CLUB 1509 project that AACO recently launched,... More
Many of us are coming to grips with anxious feelings in the wake of last week's election, including LGBTQ-identified young people. How can we help them to live and thrive in a country where our President-elect and Vice President-elect have expressed and/or endorsed strong feelings against queer folks, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, poor folks - and all of those at the intersections of these identities? Here are five immediate steps advisers, educators, parents, and allies can take to support queer young people in their lives. Keep a list of suicide prevention... More
Did you know…? 49% of LGBTQ students report being cyber bullied 55.5% of students feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation 38.7% because of their gender expression Across the globe, millions of people go purple on Spirit Day , observed on the third Thursday of October, to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth. Purple signifies “spirit” on the gay pride flag. According to GLAAD ’s website, folks “will celebrate Spirit... More