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Kid’s Camp and Youth Space

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Q: When is the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference?
A: The conference will take place July 25th-27th, 2019 (Thursday – Saturday.)

Q: Where is the conference located?
A: Pennsylvania Convention Center - 129 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Q: Who attends PTWC?
A: The language for the trans community is consistently evolving. PTWC is for anyone who feels like they belong there, anyone who identifies as an ally to the trans community, and anyone looking to respectfully learn more about themselves and others.

Q: What is the mission of PTWC?
A:The mission of PTWC is to educate and empower trans individuals on issues of health and well-being; educate and inform allies and health service providers; and facilitate networking, community-building, and systemic change.  We strive to create an accessible and respectful environment that is inclusive of diverse gender-identities and expressions as well as inclusive of diverse opinions and ideas.

Q: Can I attend PTWC if I don’t identify as trans?
A: Absolutely! As long as you positively contribute to the space by treating others with dignity and respect, as well as follow the guidelines in place to keep this a safe environment for trans people and their allies.

Q: Do I have to register online to attend?
A: The General track of the conference is free and open to the public. We request that you register in advance on-line. However, if you do not register online you can register when you arrive at the conference at the registration desk. For anyone interested in attending the professional track to earn continuing education credit, there is a separate on-line registration process that must be completed as there is a fee assosciatred with this track.

Q: How much is the cost to register for PTWC?
A: Registration for the general track of PTWC is free! Registration for the professional track to earn continuing education credits has a fee assosciated.

Q: Can I take Photos/Videos?
A: Photos and videos are allowed in Photo Zones, which have been  strategically placed throughout the Convention Center for intentional #selfies and #usies.  Please do not take photos or videos outside of these designated spaces. The Planning Committee and conference organizers have established a firm no picture policy to protect the identities of conference attendees whom do not feel safe. 

Q: What else happens at the conference besides workshops?
A: So much! Some events hosted by various organizations and people that may or may not be affiliated with PTWC, such as 12 step meetings, spiritual education and support, poetry readings and spoken word performances, community dinners, and many other events that you can find on our co-occurring events page.



The Pennsylvania Convention Center is wheelchair accessible. We ask everyone to be aware of attendees with mobility matters throughout the conference.  Also attendees who have special mobility needs including but not limited to wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, visual impairment, service animals, and sensory processing differences.  

Workshop rooms should only be filled to the capacity of chairs available to ensure that all participants are able to move in the workshop spaces regardless of the assistive devices that they may utilize.  Understand that the lives of disabled people are neither inspirational nor pitiful by virtue of our disabilities. Rather their disabilities are ordinary and familiar parts of who they are. Ask and wait for an answer before you try to help someone. What you assume is helpful may not be.


 When you encounter someone using a service/assistance or guide dog, do not pet, offer food to, or interact with the animal in any way. Do not comment on the dog’s presence i.e. “and who do we have here?” They are working hard; you are supporting the independence and autonomy they provide by not distracting them.

Learning Styles

Many people here have disabilities that affect the ways that they learn, understand, and/or communicate. You can show respect for people by practicing patience with those who learn and/or communicate at a different pace or in a different way than you do. Don’t make assumptions based on atypical speech patterns, body language, or eye contact. If you are having difficulty communicating with someone, try a different form of communication, like writing or demonstration instead of talking. Flashing lights can trigger seizures or other conditions. Avoid wearing or carrying decorative flashing lights

Scents/ Fragrances 

During PTWC please help us become a “Scentsafer” space. Becoming “Scentsafer” is an important step toward access for people with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses and is a skill you can practice at PTWC. 

ASL interpretation

Conference attendees utilizing ASL Interpreting Services can meet interpreters at the Accessibility Table adjacent to the Main Registration area next to the Volunteer Station. Any person requiring ASL interpretation should have registered in advance to have interpreting staff paired with them for the duration of the conference. If you did not register for this in advance please stop by the Registration Table and we will see when interpreting staff may be available to attend workshops with you.  

Workshop Attendance

Workshop attendance is on a first-come-first-serve basis.  If you arrive to a workshop that is full please find another workshop to attend during that time in order to help ensure that we maintain ADA compliant spaces and follow fire-codes, as well as to allow people in the workshop to participate fully.  Please be mindful of any seats in a workshop marked as “RESERVED”. Reserved seating is for participants with disabilities or other special needs.  



Q: How do I find out what workshops will be offered?
A: The schedule will be posted on the website in advance. You will also receive a program book and schedule grid with a complete list of workshops and details when you attend the conference.

Q: What does it mean when it says a workshop is “restricted”?
A: Everyone has different requirements for their individual safety. If you do not fit the description of the population the workshop is restricted to e.g. people of color, transfeminine, etc., we ask that you respect the specifications of the presenter and attend a different workshop.

Q: Will I be able to submit a workshop proposal for next year’s conference?
A: The call for proposals (CFP) PTWC 2019 will open in late Fall for general and professional track.


Q: What is the ProTrack?
A: PTWC has a professional track(ProTrack) that offers two days of accredited programming for Medical, Behavioral Health, Legal and Education professionals. These programs provide professionals with the training to offer trans-competent services, and trans-inclusive spaces. CME, CNE, CLE and CEU credits will be available, and in 2018 we hope to offer ACT 48 credits for educators. Medical, Behavioral Health, Legal and Education professionals must register and pay for these tracks in advance order to receive continuing education credits in trans competency. Due to limited space, only pre-registered, paying attendees will be permitted to attend these workshops

Q: What days does  is the ProTrack?

A:The ProTrack will be July 25th-27th, 2019 (Thursday – Saturday.) 

Q: How do I register for the Professional Track?

Q: What are the hours of the professional track?
A: Professional track workshop programming runs from 9am -5:30pm on Thursday, August 2nd and Friday, August 3rd. Registration check-in will open at 8am on Thursday 8/2. The professional track will host a networking happy hour from 6-8pm on Friday, 8/3 following the last workshop of the day.


Advertising, Exhibitors, and Sponsorship

Q: How do I purchase an ad in the Program Book?
A: Click on the "Advertising" link in the menu above!  Our program book is visible to the over 7,000 attendees at our conference.  All ads are in black and white, unless you are a sponsor of the event.  A full page ad is 8" x 10.5" and a half page ad is 8" x 5".  Prices vary depending on the size of your business/organization.

Q: How do I purchase an exhibitor table at the conference?
A: Click on the "Exhibitors" link above.  Exhibitors benefit from continuous foot traffic during the three-day conference.  Tables are priced on a sliding scale, depending on the size of your organization/business.  Each table is 8 feet long and comes with 2 chairs.  Electricitiy is not included; if you will require electricity, please contact Jay Alston ([email protected]) as soon as possible.

Q: Interested in becoming a conference sponsor?
A:  The financial contributions we receive from sponsors allow us to KEEP IT FREE for general attendees, ensuring a more equitable representation of community members who can be a part of the movement for greater health and wellness for transgender individuals and their families. If you are interested in becoming a conference sponsor, click on the "Sponsors" tab above.  Sponsorships range from $500 to $50,000 and each sponsorship has its own benefits.



Q: How do I volunteer for PTWC?
A: There are many ways to volunteer with us!

  • Join a working group to help with program content
  • Become an intern
  • Help out during the conference with administrative tasks, set up/break down, lunches, events, room monitoring for workshops, Kid's Camp/Youth Space, and much more! Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering. 


Kid’s Camp and Youth Space

Q: What is Kid’s Camp?
A: Kid’s Camp is a space for children ages 5- 11 run by the teachers of My Bright Beginings Preschool, Mazzoni Center staff and volunteers that have provided up-to-date federal and state clearences. Programming is youth-centered, age appropriate and celebratory of all gender identities.  Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. The space is available all 3 days of the conference during workshop programming.

Q: How do I register for Kid’s Camp?
A: Conference attendees with children are encouraged to register for Kid’s Camp when registering for the conference. Please check back in May for online registration.

Q: What should my child have for Kid’s Camp?
A: Prepare your child for Kid’s Camp by packing their favorite snacks (especially if they have food restrictions). Also, your child should wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of clothes which will be listed on the website under our pack list.

Q: How much does Kid’s Camp cost?
A: Kid’s Camp is free! If you would like to make a donation to PTWC, you may do so using the donation button on our website. 

Q: What is Youth Space?
A: Youth Space is a youth-centered space for youth 12-19 years of age. There will be three days of programming, including chill time for youth to connect with one another as well as structured programming from film screenings to music and arts activities. Lunch and snacks are provided all three days in youth space.

Q: How much does Youth Space cost?

A: Youth Space is free! If you would like to make a donation to PTWC, you may do so using the donation button on our website. 

Special Check-Ins

Please check back for information regarding where and when to check-in