While the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference is a program of Mazzoni Center, which provides staff and logistical support for the event, the Conference is a community-led effort. Workshops are reviewed and selected by working groups made up of community members focused on different areas, like sexuality, aging, faith, and self-care. 

The mission of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC) is to educate and empower trans individuals on issues of health and well-being; educate and inform allies and health service providers; and facilitate networking, community-building, and systemic change.  We strive to create an accessible and respectful environment that is inclusive of diverse gender-identities and expressions as well as inclusive of diverse opinions and ideas.

Now in its seventeenth year,  PTWC proudly offers a space for trans people and our allies, families, and providers to come together to re-envision what health and wellness means for trans people. Further, PTWC recognizes that accessible and quality healthcare is an integral part of self-determining our bodies and identities in the larger world. As much as possible, PTWC strives to ensure that the conference addresses the diverse needs of all people who identify as trans or beyond the binary gender system, as well as our partners, families, and allies.
In addition, in an effort to increase the availability of quality, culturally-competent care for transgender communities, PTWC also provides a Professional Development track for medical providers, behavioral health professionals, social workers, lawyers, and educators.
We are committed to making the conference as inclusive and accessible as possible. Therefore, the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference charges no general conference registration fee.