Accessibility and Support Services

Accessibility and Support Services

Simon Iris is the Accessibility Coordinator for PTWC. They will be stationed at the Accessibility/Support Services table to the left of general registration for the entirety of the conference. A phone number will be provided and you will be able to text them if you encounter an issue related to accessibility.

Please note the following services that will be available during the conference.

Accessibility Lane

There will be a blue taped “Accessibility Lane” that folks will be asked to mind in order to make it easier for folks with mobility issues.


There are a limited amount of wheelchairs available to borrow at the Convention Center, and they are offered on a “first come first serve” basis unless you have notified simon in advance and asked them to hold one for you. In order to borrow a wheelchair, you must give photo ID to the folks at the desk. This is a mandated policy set by the Convention Center.

Please know that we realize photo ID is a sensitive and often dangerous issue for queer folks. The Convention Center will not put your ID in a file or database and will not challenge your name or other information on your ID. They hold on to it to make sure you bring the wheelchair back after you borrow it. The Convention Center’s wheelchair station is next to the Support Services table, and simon iris will be available to offer assistance if there is a problem.

Large-Print or Braille Conference Manuals

There are large-print conference manuals as well as braille conference manuals. If you require either style of manual, please stop by the Support Services and simon will be able to provide them.

d/Deaf and HH Attendees

PTWC provides interpreters for conference attendees. If you are planning to attend the conference and require an interpreter, please contact simon, regardless of whether you have registered. We are able to guarantee interpreters for folks that make requests by two weeks prior to the conference. If you are registering on the day(s) of the conference and want an interpreter for the workshops you are going to, please go to the Support Services table to register so that we can place interpreters in the correct workshops.

The front row in each workshop---and the first two (2) rows in larger events such as the plenary---are reserved for folks that need to be close to the presenters. If you are at a small workshop and encounter an issue having seats at the front, the workshop monitor will be able to navigate and clear a seat for you. If you have an issue at that point,please notifiy Simon and they will assist you.

Spanish Interpreters

There are two Spanish interpreters on-site. Attendees are encouraged to contact Simon or Ashley Coleman ahead of time in order to make sure you are accommodated during your time at the conference. If you do require a Spanish interpreter, you will have a number and can text Simon, who will let you know if there is a Spanish interpreter available.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the conference.There are a few grassy stations in the Convention Center for dogs to go to the bathroom. Additionally, the Accessibility lane was created intentionally to make it easier to travel around the conference with your service animal.

If any Convention Center employees make comments or demands about your service animals, please immediately text Simon and/or come directly to Accessibility/Support Services table and we will take care of any issues.