Table of Contents

Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center

Accessibility Liaisons

ASL Interpreters

Mobility Assistance

Visually Impaired Attendees

Financial Accessibilitility


Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center

The conference takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and is in one contiguous space including numerous rooms on one level and is fully wheelchair accessible.

Restrooms on the Conference concourse are marked "gender-neutral" during our event. All other bathrooms in the Convention Center remain gender-specific.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is an entirely no-smoking venue. There are designated smoking areas outside of the building.

Accessibility Liaisons

The conference will have an Accessibility Team - a point person at the front desk and a team of folks working together to provide a greater accessibility for those people attending the conference with specialized needs.  Please email Simon for more information at Conference Support Services  [email protected]


If you are deaf or hard of hearing and need an ASL interpreter at the conference please register at least 2 weeks before the conference and check off your need for an interpreter.  We will be offering paired interpreting for our deaf and hard of hearing attendees this year, so you will have a team of interpreters with you at all time which we hope will allow our deaf attendees a better opportunity to engage in workshops throughout the conference.

If you do not register at least 2 weeks before the conference we will not be able to offer you a paired interpreter throughout the conference. We may be able to offer you interpretation when one of the other attendees who has an interpreter team does not need them.

Please email Simon for more information at  Support Services:   [email protected]

Mobility Assistance

We will be offering several options for those folks who may experience difficulty in navigating the convention center and conference.

  • There will be a "Mobility Lane" designated with tape down the center of the main hallway that will be specifically for those who need to move through the space without hindrance.
  • Workshop monitors will be available to save seats in the workshops so that those people who may take longer to get from one to another will still have the opportunity to attend
  • A team of volunteers will be on-site to walk with attendees who need help moving from one space to the next.
  • We will be instructing workshop monitors to close rooms once the seating is full to ensure that ADA width walk-ways remain available in all workshop spaces

Please email Simon at [email protected] for more details on our Mobility Assistance efforts, and how you can have your mobility needs met at the conference.

Visually Impaired Attendees

If you require assistance navigating the conference space or need someone paired with you for assistance in workshops.

Financial Accessibility

There is no registration fee to participate in the three full days of community programming offered at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference. Over 200 workshops and many other activities are offered for free to ensure that cost does not hinder access.  We also offer Kid's Camp and Youth Space to ensure that parents have the opportunity to attend programming throughout the day without having to pay for child care.

Registration is strongly encouraged to assist us with our planning (and to make sure we have enough program books!). Registration is especially critical for families who will be bringing children age 13 or younger to participate in the Kid's Camp and Youth Space, since adequate supplies and staffing must be arranged.

(Please keep in mind that there are registration fees associated with the Professional Development  / Continuing Education track for medical providers, behavioral health professionals, and lawyers.  CME, CNE, CEU, and CLE credits are available for these workshops.)