Beyond the Binary

The Beyond the Binary working group encompasses any issues related to gender when it falls outside of the binary, including basic info about the gender binary itself. We will reflect non binary, gender queer, gender non conforming and gender neutral experiences around transition, sexuality, health care, advocacy, and provider training. The working group also addresses issues related to expressions of gender fluid identities including individuals whose gender identity may change and evolve over time.
We are specifically seeking workshop proposals that address the following themes and topics:
  • History of Beyond the Binary people
  • Beyond the Binary 101
Experiences/Social Network Building
  • Beyond the Binary Youth - support/discussion space
  • Beyond the Binary and People of Color
  • What if transition isn’t the end goal?
  • Options and resources
  • Support/discussion space
  • Living outside the box with PRIDE
  • Living with a fluid identity - how to navigate the world when presenting differently day to day
  • Drag performance as a Beyond the Binary person
  • Community support and resources for surviving and thriving “in between”
  • Visibility for Beyond the Binary identified people who present as binary
  • Those who have not medically transitioned
  • Those who have medically transitioned
  • Those who don’t desire medical transition
  • Presentation decisions for Beyond the Binary people- getting what you want and need from your presentation
  • Al-a-carte transition - picking and choosing what will work for you as a Beyond the Binary person to become yourself
  • By Medical professionals:
  • Medical transition options for people assigned female at birth
  • Medical transition options for people assigned male at birth
  • Partnering dynamics and sexuality - how to navigate and respect identity in relationships with Beyond the Binary people
  • Discovering, exploring, and advocating for your sexuality as a Beyond the Binary person
  • Educating others about how to be respectful of Beyond the Binary identity
  • Safety as a visibly Beyond the Binary person
  • Navigating different relationships (non-partner/dating) in your life with confidence as a Beyond the Binary person
  • Self advocacy in healthcare settings for Beyond the Binary people
Training for Providers
  • For Mental Health professionals: caring for Beyond the Binary people competently
  • For Medical professionals: caring for Beyond the Binary people competently
  • For family and educators: How to protect Beyond the Binary students from discrimination and bullying
For questions specific to Individuals Living Beyond the Binary programming please contact Cicely Smith at [email protected]