Want to sponsor the 2020 Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference?

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While PTWC generates some revenue from its professional track and Mazzoni Center’s general operating budget,  PTWC relies on the generous support of sponsors who help sustain our growth and success.
34 organizations generously sponsored PTWC in 2019, including: 

Your Support is Important

The strides that have been made in transgender rights have taken steps backward under the current administration. Protection for trans people is disappearing as fewer spaces prioritize safety and equity. In order to make tangible improvements to our schools, medical centers, governments, and ourselves, we must come together to empower one another and share resources. 

When it comes to supporting the trans community and sharing these resources, few events are as powerful as Mazzoni Center’s annual Philadelphia Trans Wellness conference, but we can not do it alone.

This is why your supports matters. We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to fit all budgets. Sponsorship benefits range include tangible support for the TGNC community, complimentary conference registration, prominence in marketing materials, tabling in the exhibitors area and more. 

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Want to know more about the 2020 sponsorship opportunities and options? Have to have your 2020 sponsorship completed for the conference by the end of the year? 

Email us at [email protected] for information on sponsorship.