Cover Art Winners Announced!


We are pleased to announce the 2019 the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference’s Cover Art Winner! The winning piece, “The Luminous Self” by Grace Schleisman, was selected from hundreds of entries submitted this year.


The piece represents the nature of the theme this year, #TransJoy, and we are happy to be able to share this piece with the community. 

About Grace Schleisman 
“So don't become some background noise.” What has become one of Grace's favorite songs,
Queen's “Radio Gaga” captures their own journey of self-love and the latter verse served as their
kicking off point for this art piece. The mix of color with splatters and drips set against the grey
background emphasizes the joy Grace has unlocked as they increasingly become unapologetic
about their genderfluid queer identity. Watercolor painting and illustration has become not just a
favorite past time for Grace but also a way in which they can communicate with the world. As a
queer activist, Grace often leaves a piece of themself in their work with the intention of joining
conversations around mental health and gender identity. As a born and raised Minnesotan, Grace
keeps themself busy with work as a barista, walking their dog, and preparing for graduate school.
Grace hopes to combine their creative interests, love for reading, and passion for social justice so
that they may become an English teacher with an inclusive and supportive classroom for all
young people.
What interested you in entering the cover art contest?
When I first saw the cover art contest, I thought “That's it, that's who will see my art for what it
is.” I was excited for the opportunity to create and share a piece in a space where my art and I
could be fully seen as passionate, trans, and proud.
How do you feel being the winner of the cover art contest?
It honestly still doesn't feel real to me, and I keep having to reread the news to remind myself
that it isn't a dream. I am so honored, and I cannot wait to share my art and joy with everyone.
What is the one thing you are looking forward to at the conference?
I am looking forward to being surrounded by people like me and being in a space where I can
learn and have conversations without worrying about filtering any part of my identity.
Our Professional Track cover art winner is Devon Reiffer who's art, "For Which It Stands", will be feature on the cover of the Professional Track book.
What interested you in entering the cover art contest?
The 2017 PTHC was the first time I realized the true magnitude of impact that art has in creating connection and dialogue. Because of the amazing experience of my 2017 involvement I was eager to submit again this year. It was life changing. .
How do you feel being the winner of the cover art contest?
I am so grateful, excited, and honored to be the winner of the cover art contest in this year’s conference. There are no words to describe how much this opportunity means to me... I’m humbled to my core. 
What is the one thing you are looking forward to at the conference?
My first PTHC was life changing. As an artist, I crave strong levels of connection on a regular basis. I know that participating in this year’s conference will give me access to those depths as I get to once again connect face to face with all of the beautiful souls at the conference. I look Forward to seeing a 3-day glimpse of how loving and accepting our future world can be. The conference is a continuous source Of inspiration and it reinvigorates me on a mind,body, and soul level. This conference is why I do my art, it is the change I wish to see in the world.