What is the Contemplation Space?

The Contemplation Space will be a space where we collectively we build and hold space for prayer, meditation, art, and other acts of mindfulness and intention through the duration of the conference.
The Contemplation Space in Room 126B will be open every morning before the first workshop for those who want to use the space to set an intention for the day. It will be open for quiet, introspective time during all plenaries and lunch times, as an alternative space for those unsettled by crowds as well as others who seek to ground themselves during that time. 
Be aware that while the Contemplation Space is open to all, it may not be open to the public at all times due to workshops, prayer times, or other activities that are scheduled in the space. 
Transgender resilience and resistance is nourished by a wide variety of spiritual and cultural practices. Contemplation Room activities create space for both individual and collective expressions in a variety of forms. Except where specified as closed activities, such expressions are open for all who are able to participate respectfully regardless of belief or background. Please check the main schedule for additional details.
Visit Transfaith’s table near Room 126B to inquire further about Contemplation Room and spirituality program activities, to provide feedback or seek support. 

The Contemplation Room is hosted by 



FOUNDATION SUPPORT by E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation