What is the Contemplation Space?

The Contemplation Space(Room 126B)  will be a space where we collectively we build and hold space for prayer, meditation, art, and other acts of mindfulness and intention through the duration of the conference.

The Contemplation Space will be open every morning before the first workshop for those who want to use the space to set an intention for the day. It will be open for quiet, introspective time during all plenaries, as an alternative space for those unsettled by crowds as well as others who seek to ground themselves during that time.

Be aware that while the Contemplation Space is open to all, it may not be open to the public at all times due to workshops, prayer times, or other activities that are scheduled in the space.

Collective Altars

The Contemplation Space will hold 3 altars: a Theistic altar for representations of Deity across all traditions; a Memorial altar dedicated to the memories of our trans ancestors and those lost to direct and indirect violence; and a Contemplative altar, where we honor our living selves as sacred beings through art, selfies, makeup, and more.
The altars are designed to be a collaborative effort! We invite all conference participants to join us at 8:30am on Thursday for a short opening rite, and to assist us in building the altars then and throughout the weekend.

It is our goal to maintain as much of a scent-free space as possible for the comfort of all. Please refrain from the use of incenses, oils, and perfumes in the Contemplation Space.


Bring your small crafts, photos of yourself and loved ones, and your art to display throughout the room. We also invite you to #ColorYourConference! You can doodle your experience of a workshop you attend or draw a sentiment you want to share. Bring your #ColorYourConference offering to contribute to the Contemplation Space and/or share it on social media with the tag #ColorYourConference.


The Contemplation Room is hosted by 



FOUNDATION SUPPORT by E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation