Contemplation Space Activities

Transgender resilience and resistance is nourished by a wide variety of spiritual and cultural practices. Contemplation Room activities create space for both individual and collective expressions in a variety of forms. Except where specified as closed activities, such expressions are open for all who are able to participate respectfully regardless of belief or background. Please check the main schedule for additional details.

Daily open space for meditation, grounding, and intention setting on-going

Theistic Altar, Memorial Altar, and Contemplative Altar on-going

#ColorMyConference supplies and exhibition on-going

Being Brave Together: Transgender Faith Stories daily at 11:30am

Say My Name: Affirmation Ceremonies to Send Us Home Saturday afternoon from 3:15pm to 6:30pm

Daily Roundtables for Spiritual Care Givers and Leaders each morning at 9am or 10:15am

Estamos Unidos: A Calling Through the Universal Heartbeat Friday at 10:15a

Kirtan: Song of the Soul Friday at 4:30pm

A Collective Ritual of Resistance: Finding our Power and Strength in Community Friday at 5:45pm

Dohr (Muslim Mid-Day Prayers) Thursday and Saturday at 3:05pm

Jumu'ah (Muslim Congregational Prayer) Friday at 3:15pm

Asr (Muslim Afternoon Prayers) Daily at 5:35pm

Shabbat Shacharit Service (Jewish Saturday morning service) Saturday at 9am

Whole and Holy: Christian Worship Service Thursday at 3:15pm

Gospel/Prayer Circle Thursday at 4:30pm

Visit Transfaith’s table near Room 126B to inquire further about Contemplation Room and spirituality program activities, to provide feedback or seek support, or to learn about lunch time meet ups and other office hours.