Indigenous and First Nations People

As Native people we are empowered when we are firmly grounded in our Native identities. We believe in claiming and reclaiming our traditions and in walking those traditions in our daily lives. We affirm the diversity of our indigenous perspectives; and the richness of gender experience rooted in our collective histories.
Through a variety of opportunities, we will explore our diverse traditions, nurture personal strength, build relationships, improve our health and support the integration of indigenous identity as a path to wholeness and vitality. The integrated strength of our indigenous traditions will empower us to work in unity, toward creating a more supportive environment for our Trans identified and gender nonconforming people within our families, friends and community.
We are specifically welcoming workshop proposals from Indigenous and First Nation People who Identify as Trans or gender non-conforming or Two Spirit or Nádleeh People or those with Varying Gender Identities or Expressions as well as allies within the Native and First Nations communities.
Potential topics include:
  • Supporting one another: Mentorship and community among trans, gender variant, gender non-conforming people of Indigenous/First Nation heritage.
  • Claiming or Reclaiming One’s Indigenous & First Nation Heritage while Enhancing a Personal Sense of Self.
  • Supporting Trans and Two Spirit and Nádleeh young people and Indigenous youth with varying gender identities or expressions.
  • Healthcare access and hurdles within Native and First Nations communities.
  • Colonization and the Gender Binary: How this has impacted our Trans, Two Spirit, Nádleeh and Gender Non-conforming People.
  • Reserve versus non-Reserve: How do we get support for Two Spirit/ Nádleeh/ people with varying gender identities or expressions?
  • Research, Best Practices, and Cultural Competence in serving Indigenous/First Nation people, especially Trans, Two-Spirit and Nádleeh, gender-variant, and gender non-conforming people.
  • Being an ally to Indigenous and First Nation Trans, Two Spirit, Nádleeh and people with varying gender identities or expressions.
  • Exploring the impact of Christianity and other religions on Indigenous and First Nation people, especially those who express their gender in varying ways or who identify as Trans or Two Spirit or Nádleeh or gender non-conforming.