As a place where both Trans and Intersex persons are present, PWHC provides a special opportunity to promote the building of a common community. PWHC is also an ideal venue to address the concerns of Intersex Transitioners, persons who have something in common with both communities. Historically, there have been few resources addressing Intersex Transitioners' needs within either the Trans or the Intersex communities. We are particularly interested in workshop proposals within these areas:
  • Medical Information of potential usefulness to Intersex Persons
  • Ideas about how Intersex Persons can negotiate problems in their lives (including, but not limited to, education, employment, sexuality and obtaining medical care.)
  • What to tell children about their intersex occurance, as they grow up, and who should tell them?
  • Any other topic addressing the practical, health, and counseling needs of Intersex persons
  • Information about the medical, legal, and/or practical aspects of transition that may be different from those of non-Intersex transitioners
  • Gender issues relating to Intersex persons, especially children
  • Personal narratives by transitioning, or transitioned Intersex community members
  • Any other topic aimed at helping Intersex persons who undergo gender transition and those for whom gender identity is a large issue in their lives
  • Explanation of goals, and strategies in Intersex activism
  • Examination of trends that may impact the Intersex and the Trans communities
  • Any other topic that helps Trans and Intersex persons understand each other better, and helps these communities work together productively
In addition to informational workshops, we are also seeking proposals for interactive sessions that provide Intersex attendees with an opportunity to establish dialog and build community