ProTrack Workshops — PTWC 2019

The Professional Track of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference is a three-day continuing education program designed to enhance clinical knowledge and cultural competence for professionals working with Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary individuals and with the goal to share unique, advanced, and innovative ways to best serve these communities 
Protrack will host four professional tracks; Medical, Behavioral Health, Legal, and Finance*. Each track offers continuing education credits to its audience members and presenters. Proposed workshops may indicate a specific track or you may choose to apply for an interdisciplinary status. “Interdisciplinary” indicates that the workshop is appropriate for multiple professional audiences and will be accredited as such. 
* Note: The finance track, which is new for 2019, replaces the education track. Education professionals will be offered programming outside of PTWC 2019.

ProTrack Tracks Areas

Medical Track—The Medical Track seeks professionals in the healthcare field to present on healthcare best practices, innovative approaches to treatment, and clinical research on treating and supporting T/GNC/NB communities. 
Healthcare professionals include, but is not limited to physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, physical/occupational/speech therapists, chiropractors and integrative medicine specialists.
Topics may include:
  • Beginner and Advanced medical management of transgender patients
  • Pre/Post and Perioperative care in the primary care office
  • Surgical options
  • Unique medical concerns for trans and gender non-conforming adolescents and children
  • Aging and end of life care
  • Current research/dissertation work
  • Reproductive technology and family building options
  • Cardiovascular and malignancy risk and evaluation in AMAB and AFAB trans-identified people
  • Medical Advocacy in the management of patient surrounding coverage of services
  • Navigating healthcare coverage/denials
  • Pre-operative assessment and letter-writing
  • Sexually transmitted infection risk/treatment/prevention (pre and post-exposure)
  • Medical and Advanced Practice Nurse School/Program training
  • Answering "non-medical" questions (such as binding, tucking, etc.)
  • Psychiatric care of transgender patients
Behavioral Health Track—The Behavioral Health Track seeks professionals in the behavioral health field to present on dynamic innovations or clinical research on working with T/GNC/NB people throughout the lifespan. 
Behavioral Health professionals include, but is not limited to, LPCs, licensed social workers, psychiatrists, phycologists, counselors. 
Topics may include:
  • Addiction and recovery
  • Suicidality Considerations
  • Couples Therapy with NB/Binary
  • Clinical Research, theory, case presentations, clinical practice innovations, and best practices
  • Transition-Related Care: Social and medical transition, gender, mental health, insurance, surgery letters, advocacy
  • Location of self for T/GNC/NB providers
  • Trauma-informed Practice
Legal Track—We seek a variety of workshops that will address important legal issues and practice skills for attorneys, law students, and legal staff who counsel, or want to counsel, T/GNC/NB clients. The Pennsylvania CLE Board has approved our workshops for up to 12 credits (including 1 ethics credit).
Topics may include:
  • Advances in Trans Equality
  • Trans People in the Criminal Legal System
  • Improving and Supporting the Name and Gender Change Process
  • Trans People in the Workplace
  • Disability and the T/GNC/NB Community
  • Supporting the Needs of Trans Kids in Schools
  • Criminal justice & Prison Issues
Finance Track (New in 2019)—Finance Track seeks professionals in the finance field to present on dynamic approaches to supporting T/GNC/NB community members. 
Finance professional include financial analysts, bank managers and staff, brokers, investment bankers, investment analysts, financial planners, insurance agents, and all operational level positions within the sector.
Topics may include:
  • Advocating for the financial needs of T/GNC/NB communities
  • Supporting planning for non-traditional families 
  • Supporting financial documents for the T/GNC/NB communities
  • Planning for retirement  
  • Estate Planning 
  • Investing for the T/GNC/NB community 
  • Advocating for T/GNC/NB rights 

We invite you to share your innovative approaches to your practice and empower audiences with the knowledge they need to best serve Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary communities by submitting a workshop proposal today.

Each workshop will be 1 hour in length.  Presenters have the option of submitting a part 2 proposal for a continued review of information and discussion. Workshops should not include more than two presenters. Panel discussions should not include more than four panelists. Number of participants/panelists should be noted in your proposal. 
All proposals should indicate whether or not the workshop will appeal to Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level participants.
  • A Beginner-level workshop focuses heavily on terminology and introducing individuals to T/GNC/NB concepts. The audience for this workshop most likely have never worked with T/GNC/NB communities.
  • An Intermediate-level workshop spends much of the workshop discussing the subject material directly and requires attendees to have some knowledge of T/GNC/NB competencies and issues.
  • An Advanced-level workshop requires attendees to have significant knowledge of T/GNC/NB competencies and issues and focuses on best practices, innovative new practices and complex health issues that affect T/GNC/NB communities.
Proposals for workshops to be presented at PTWC 2019 must be submitted online by February 1, 2019. Back To The Top
Proposals are reviewed by committees made up of professionals in each perspective field. Considerations for selection include T/GNC/NB competencies, innovation and clarity; research/evidence-based content; audience engagement, and the degree to which the proposal reflects the committee’s commitment to representation across race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and disability. The committee reserves the right to accept or reject proposals at its sole discretion.
You will be notified by email of the status of your proposal after February 28, 2019Back To The Top

Presenter Registration

Protrack Presenters are required to register for the conference. Registration is free and gives you access to all plenary sessions, general track workshops, and special events/receptions for which there is no published cover charge or donation.

NOTE: There is a $50 registration fee for any Presenters who request continuing education credits. 

Once your proposal is accepted, you will be emailed a Presenter registration link which includes our online conference registration form. Before your proposal can be approved and scheduled, you and any co-presenters must complete and submit all necessary accreditation paperwork. You will be notified of the deadline upon acceptance (pre-approval).  

If your proposal is not accepted, you will receive a link to register for the General Track (free registration), or Protrack, at the regular attendee rate. Back To The Top

Equipment, Slides & Handouts

Each workshop room will be equipped with: 

  • easel pad/markers set, 
  • LCD projector and screen,
  • PC 
Presenters are asked to provide presentation materials to support attendees requesting accommodations 2 weeks prior to the conference.  Back To The Top

Presenter Responsibilities

Presenters are responsible for making their own travel and hotel arrangements. Presenters are responsible for completing all accreditation paperwork by the submission deadline detailed in the workshop approval email. This includes conflict of interest forms, biographies, abstract/summaries, CVs, and disclosures. Back To The Top

Submit a Workshop

Submission Deadline is February 1, 2019.

ProTrack FAQ

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