Protrack FAQs — PTWC 2019


How long can the summary/abstract be? 
Summary/abstract must be 600 characters or less. The information provided will be used in printed publications for the conference. 
Do I need to submit summary/abstracts for each proposal topic I submit?
Yes. Each proposal you submit you must include a summary/abstract tailored to the topic/proposal.
What should I include in my bio?
A brief (600 characters or less) paragraph describing the presenter’s current position, professional accomplishments, major publications, career highlights, and career objectives. The information provided will be used in printed publications for the conference. 
When will I know if my proposal has been accepted? 
The call for proposals will close January 14, 2019. You should expect to hear a response about whether your proposal was accepted or not by February 28, 2019.
What is the process for proposals that fall under the interdisciplinary category?
If your proposal applies to more than one field, be sure to check off each field you believe your proposal applies to, in order to ensure that the respective committees are able to review your proposal. 
Can I make changes to my proposal?
After submission, no changes can be made.


Is there a limit on how many presenters there can be for a session?
Yes. There can be no more than 2 presenters for each workshop. Panels can include up to 4 panelists. Please indicate the number of presenters/panelists in your proposal. All panelists are required to complete presenter forms.
How do I indicate which presenter would be the primary contact?
When completing the proposal submission form, the person you identify as “Presenter 1” will be considered the primary contact.  You can add additional presenters by clicking the “Add Presenter” button. 
Can I make changes to presenters?
Changes can be made up to a month before the conference; however, we cannot guarantee any changes you make will be reflected in conference publications.