Trans male, transmasculine, and trans men (TM)

We are specifically seeking workshop proposals that address the following themes and topics:
  • Top surgery show and tell
  • Lower surgery show and tell
  • FTM hormones
  • Stopping hormones
  • Hysterectomies
  • How to access PAP tests
  • Sustainable health issues  
  • What is health itself for those who are way past transition
  • HIV
  • Trans MSM
  • Partners of TM
  • Dating – mental and emotional realities around dating/finding dating partners for TM
Experiences/Social Network Building
  • Passing or presenting
  • Aging workshop for transmen
  • Stealth
  • Those who have been in transition for 5 OR MORE years, all ages
  • Those who have been in transition LESS THAN 5 years, all ages
  • Parenting as a TM
  • POC(People of Color)
  •  Socialization-what does it mean to be a man
  • Non POC-white TM working on their privilege/what does it mean to be a white man amidst presumptions of privilege? How does class effect the socialization being a white TM?
  • TM survivors ( child abuse especially if the abuse is related to gender, and other abuse – the committee is very aware of the need to make sure that this workshop is done a safe and supportive way and is aware that this type of workshop can be challenging for everyone involved)
For questions specific to TM programming please contact Jayden Sampson at [email protected]