Workshop Guidelines – Professional Track

We are seeking Medical, Legal, Behavioral Health and Education experts for our 8th annual Professional Track of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference.* This two-day continuing education program will enhance clinical knowledge and cultural competence in working with trans and gender non-conforming individuals of all ages.  It will take place on Thursday, August 2, and Friday, August 3, 2018 at the PA Convention Center.

*Yes, you've read that right. This year we've changed our name! Read about our new name on the PTWC press release

The Professional Track of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference is Seeking Presenters in Four Tracks, as well as Interdisciplinary Programming:

Please see workshop topic suggestions under each of the headings below. You will be able to submit your proposal when our form goes live in late December.  

Medical Expertise that focus on:

  • Trans and gender non-conforming adolescents and children
  • Aging and end of life care
  • Current research/dissertation work
  • Reproductive technology
  • Malignancy risk and evaluation in AMAB and AFAB trans-identified people
  • Medical Advocacy in the management of patient surrounding coverage of services
  • Medical and Advanced Practice Nurse School/Program training 

Behavioral Health workshops that focus on:

  • Substance abuse and recovery
  • Research, theory, case presentations, practice innovations, and best practices
  • Transition-Related Care: Social and medical transition, gender, mental health, insurance, surgery letters  
  • Relationships: Families, dating, sexuality, managing the online world, coming out
  • Advocacy in the therapeutic context
  • Intersecting Identities: Working with sex-workers, Life span (youth and aging), spirituality, rural v. urban experiences

Legal Workshops that focus on:

  • Legal issues and strategies for working with or against unfriendly government administrations and agencies
  • Current and ongoing legal challenges to trans equality
  • Identity documentation
  • Healthcare and insurance coverage
  • Discrimination and harassment in employment or places of public accommodation
  • Teens and young adults
  • Aging and older adults
  • Intersecting identities (such as race, gender, and income status)
  • Working with sex-workers
  • Advocacy in legal settings

Education workshops that focus on:

  • Best practices and resources for supporting TGNC students
  • Trans-Inclusive School District Policies
  • Legal perspectives on TGNC student-rights
  • Conflict mediation / navigating a hostile or transphobic school environment
  • Advocacy in a school environment

Interdisciplinary workshops

  • Workshops that focus on any of the above, as well as all other topics within your areas of expertise.


The deadline for submitting proposals is February 28, 2018. You can expect a response by early April 2018. Please share this call for proposals widely among your networks. If you have any questions or need more information, contact Nay Petrucelli at [email protected].

We look forward to reviewing your exceptional proposals!