Advanced Gender Rights Law and Litigation - From Developing Legal Theories to Drafting Complaints and Running Cases (Part 3)

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Gender rights law has become increasingly litigation oriented. This advanced class and seminar, led by two trans lawyers with local, regional and national gender rights practices, is about litigation procedures and gender rights law, primarily in federal venues. Litigation procedures include how to do factual and legal review, draft a complaint, plan a narrative strategy, construct viable causes of action, and run a case. Gender rights law includes the law as it is and a discussion of how it might be. Litigators and practitioners who want to learn about trans rights litigation are welcome.

Learning objectives

How to construct a complaint for a trans client; how to run a case.

About the presenters

Julie Chovanes, Esq.

Julie Chovanes graduated from Villanova with four degrees including law. She founded her own law firm in 2003, Chovanes Law LLC, specializing in civl rights, patent, science and business law and litigation. Julie also founded and runs Trans-Help, a project of her firm specializing in Trans and LGB education and civil rights litigation.

Ezra Young, Esq.

Ezra Young is a nationally recognized civil rights attorney based in New York City. His work centers on representing trans clients, with a focus on trans recognition, employment protection, and health care and insurance coverage issues. He also is a noted author and speaker about trans rights. He has a BA in Philosophy from Cornell University, a JD from Columbia Law School and was a Post Doctoral Scholar at Columbia Law Clinic.