Binding Health and Top Surgery Recovery

Warning message

This workshop is restricted to only the group or groups described below; attendees who do not self-identify as a member of these groups will be asked to leave by a member of Mazzoni Center staff at the beginning of the session.
This workshop will explore the ways in which binding and top surgery recovery can impact soft tissue and offer strategies for healing. There will be short demonstrations of exercises to decrease pain and increase range of motion and strength as well as opportunities for participants to practice these exercises. Participants will leave with an at-home program for addressing common issues caused by binding and top surgery recovery.

Intended audience(s)

This workshop is for anyone who binds their chest or has had top surgery.

About the presenters

Asher Freeman

Asher Lerman Freeman is a Philly-based nonbinary personal trainer dedicated to smashing fatphobic, cisnormative, ableist, and racist myths about our health and bodies. They believe exercise can be a powerful tool for embodiment and mental health when we come to it from a place of self love.