Breaking ID Barriers: The Future of Gender Change Policy

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This year saw groundbreaking progress in gender change policies, along with new efforts in ID litigation. Some states now have gender neutral options on IDs, and medical requirements are slowly being eliminated. Come hear from advocates about the new gold standards for ID policies. This panel will discuss administrative progress in ID policy as well as the latest courtroom strategies for tearing down gender change policies of the past. Participants will join in a discussion on our collective work to make accurate IDs accessible for all people.

Learning objectives

- Review gender change litigation legal arguments and current cases. - Understand current scope of gender change policies and policy goals.

About the presenters

Arli Christian

As State Policy Director at the National Center for Transgender Equality Arli works with local advocates to modernize ID document gender change policies and improve other state-level protections for transgender people. Arli is dedicated to expanding access to legal services for trans communities through NCTE’s Trans Legal Services Network and is an attorney admitted to practice in New York and D.C. with a J.D. from American University Washington College of Law (2013) and a B.A. from Wesleyan University in Connecticut (2004). Arli speaks English and Spanish and grew up in New York City.

Charlie Arrowood

Charlie Arrowood is Transcend Legal’s Director of Name & Gender Recognition. They assist transgender clients with name and gender marker changes in New York, and work to obtain health insurance coverage for transgender health care nationwide. Charlie is a Long Island native, parent of two, and a graduate of Tulane University (B.A. in History, 2009) and New York Law School (2013). They are a founding member of the Nassau County Bar Association’s LGBTQ Committee and provide professional and attorney trainings primarily focused on working with transgender clients, colleagues, and youth.

AC Dumlao

AC Dumlao is the Program Manager at Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF), where they manage The Name Change Project, connecting TGNCNB (transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary) people with lawyers providing pro bono representation during the legal name change process. Additionally, AC leads TLDEF’s community education initiatives and is the lead trainer for trans cultural competency presentations and workshops. As a transgender non-binary first-generation Filipino-American activist and educator, their work and words have been featured by Allure, The Huffington Post