Dignity Together: Trans Multiples, Dissociation, and Social Change

End the stigma: "Multiple Personalities" has been used as a horror movie trope for over 50 years. Scared of us? Don't be. Stigma hurts, ruins lives, and wastes opportunities for connection and community. Research estimates millions of people worldwide experience being many people, parts, or identities in one body, including many trans folks. Through research and community insights, you’ll gain tools to help dismantle the oppression of trans multiples. Q&A included.

Intended audience(s)

General audience + movement leaders, organizers, clinicians, writers + anyone questioning.

About the presenters

the Redwoods

The Redwoods are many people in one body. They identify as multiple and part of the plural/multiple/DID communities, as well as trans and queer. Out since 2012, they work to make the world a better place together, in alliance with other systems, intersectional feminism, disability justice, and related movements. They use public speaking, coaching, writing, arts, and organizing to dissolve stigma and empower multiples. Based in California. redwoodscircle.com