Healthy Binding From The Start

Chest binding is an essential part of battling dysphoria and feeling seen in the world as a gender non-conforming person. It also taxes the body and comes with real health risks. Frances is a trans*-identified, non-binary massage therapist who binds and understands both this liberation and these limitations. The class covers: choosing your binder, best binding practices, advice for binding with chronic pain conditions and suggestions for binding in special circumstances (swimming, working out, manual labor, etc)

Intended audience(s)

This class is designed for people considering binding, looking for advice on binders better suited to their bodies, parents of kids who bind, body­-oriented professionals who would like to be able to pass the information along to clients/patients.

About the presenters

Frances Reed

Frances Reed is a non-binary queer massage therapist and owner of Freed Bodyworks Holistic Wellness Center in Washington, DC. For 7+ years they have specialized in serving gender non-conforming clients in all stages of medical and non-medical transition. Frances wears a binder, has healed from a severe binding-injury and is passionate about helping other trans*-identified people bind in the healthiest ways possible. Frances is an anatomy geek, a social justice activist, and a dog lover.