How to get facial feminization and breast augmentation covered by insurance

Facial gender reassignment surgery and breast reconstruction are health care needs exclusive to trans women, and not coincidentally, are most likely to be deemed "cosmetic" or not medically necessary by insurance companies. This workshop is essential for providers who work with trans women and trans women who want to appeal denials on their own. Gain an understanding of the specific medical evidence in support of medical necessity as well as understanding of how best to appeal. This is an opportunity to ask questions to attorneys who focus exclusively on transgender health care access.

Intended audience(s)

Trans women, providers, advocates

About the presenters

Noah E. Lewis, Esq.

Noah E. Lewis, Esq. is the founder and executive director of Transcend Legal, a national, New York City-based organization focused on eliminating barriers to insurance coverage for transgender-related health care. Noah previously worked for the Transgender Law Center, the National LGBTQ Task Force, and served as the staff attorney at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund for five years. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Noah is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and was the first openly transgender student to graduate from Harvard Law School.

Charlie Arrowood, Esq.

Charlie Arrowood, Esq. is Transcend Legal's Director of Name & Gender Recognition. He assists trans youth and adults with legal name and gender changes in New York. He is a Long Island native and a graduate of Tulane University (B.A. in History, 2009) and New York Law School (2013), where he focused on issues of employment discrimination and dispute resolution/mediation. Prior to joining Transcend Legal, Charlie was an associate at The Kurland Group, a boutique LGBTQ-owned general practice firm and has worked with clients on a variety of matters from estate planning to housing discrimination.