I am a gatekeeper: Accepting what your role is, grappling with other gatekeepers, and circumventing towards professional responsibility

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Join us for a panel discussion with members of the Trans and Gender Diverse Community (TGDC) and professionals. Panelists will bring a framework of perspectives to identify gatekeeping effects in the legal, behavioral health, and medical fields that sustain inequity in marginalized communities. During this discussion, we will: (1) Re-evaluate how cisgender and TGD professionals can marginalize the TGDC as gatekeepers, (2) Identify and recognize internalized & horizontal oppression and normalized microaggressions, (3) facilitate change to support both TGD colleagues and community members.

Learning objectives

1-Participants will gain critical insider perspectives on the harmful and discriminatory practice of gatekeeping through the lenses of TGD professionals. 2-Participants will be able to implement changes in their practices that support equal access and opportunity for TGD colleagues and community members.

About the presenters

Manuel Greer

Manuel Greer (he/him/his) is a queer trans person and an inpatient psychiatry medical coder in Rochester, NY. He is a co-investigator for the URMC TGD research C.A.B. focused on researching the long term effects of HRT on TGD folks and a member of the Patient Experience Advisory Council for Trillium Health in Rochester, NY. Various experiences in healthcare settings have empowered Manny with knowledge and the drive to be an advocate for his community. Getting involved with the C.A.B., Patient Advisory Council and doing presentations have been the vehicles for achieving this goal.

Julia Acosta

Julia Acosta (she, her, hers) is a high school special education teacher with the Buffalo public schools. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in adolescent education with a focus on LGBT issues in the classroom. Julia completed a masters degree in 2015 with her thesis focused on Western conceptualizations of Gender in the Islamic World. She has been an active member of the Rochester trans community for several years and is the past president of the Trans Alliance of Greater Rochester.

Jennifer Morgan, NYCPS-P

Jennifer Morgan, identified as “between the genders” before our current nomenclature was common and bore witness to the gate keeping practices of the early 1980’s and difficulties obtaining approval for medical services in a binary world without the approved narrative. They have worked as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community as a Speaker/Educator, and as a suicide prevention operator. They currently work as a Certified Peer Specialist in mental health and a co-chair for the for the URMC Trans and Gender Diverse C.A.B.

Chris McQuaid

Chris McQuaid (they/them) is a queer Trans NB person from Rochester, NY. Born to Deaf parents, Chris is a Coda (Child of Deaf Adults) who works as an interpreter at University of Rochester Medical Center. They work mainly in a clinical setting with hearing, non-signing clinicians and their d/Deaf & hard-of-hearing patients. Chris is also involved with the local Out Alliance & travels several times a year to interpret Queer-related conferences. They are most curious about the intersection between Deafness and Queerness and hopes to work within that community in a research or counseling role.