I am Intersex?

Many people learn about being intersex later in life when they feel something is amiss with their gender. Some people have a sense that they are intersex and don’t know how to determine if they are or are not. If you have been diagnosed as intersex or think you may be, join this discussion of how people find out and what is available to you for support. This workshop will be lead by an intersex psychologist who will share his gender journey with you and encourage you to explore your questions and challenges in being intersex and transgender. All questioning people are welcome to attend

Intended audience(s)

People who identify or believe they may be intersex

About the presenters

David S Bathory

Dr Bathory is a licensed psychologist intersex person and gender specialist who practices in Winston-Salem North Carolina. He is an international lecturer and expert in gender and psychological trauma. Dr Bathory is also a member of the WPATH Standards of Care Revision Committee for Intersex Conditions.