Imagining your authentic intimate parts

This workshop will explore genitalia in the non-binary imagination and ways of adopting and creating packers and prosthetics that nurture healing in these intimate places and gender euphoria. For the past year I have been designing and creating packers with non-binary folks. I will demonstrate with a collaborator what the conversation and the process for designing and creating these soft packable art objects looks like. If comfortable other participants will be able to share their design desires and try on samples.

Intended audience(s)

FtNB, transmasculine, Non-binary trans people, tranimal identified/curious folks,

About the presenters


Eppchez is a theater artist and musician in Philadelphia and the artistic director of process focused production company Alma's Engine. Ey is the founding designer at Darb Garb, creating non-phallic packer alternatives and other inventive solutions to the problems of getting dressed .