The Incomplete Guide to Trans and Non Binary Identities

Using PowerPoint slides this presentation highlights the importance of the use proper gender etiquette for transgender persons to prevent the worsening of dysphoria and to create awareness of the various statistics on suicidal ideation according to gender identity, ethnicity and social stresses. An overview of the types of transition, internal, social and medical is given, with extra attention to the growing non-binary prevalence in adolescents. Questions and answers are welcome during the presentation to provide valuable feedback from personal stories in the audience.

Intended audience(s)

Trans people, tansmasculine, transfeminine, nonbinary, questioning, partners, allies, employers, mental health providers. Suitable for anyone who wants to understand transgender people and the issues they face. No restrictions on the audience.

About the presenters

Anthony Arrien

Presenter Anthony Arrien is a 65 year old transgender man who does LGBTQ public policy advocacy in New York State, and has facilitated The LOFT’s transgender peer support group twice per month for three years, which gives him a good feel for the problems of the trans community. He transitioned on the job two years ago, and managed to keep his civil service job before GENDA law was passed in his state. (Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act – just signed into law in NY State on January 18, 2019).