Intersectional Transmasculine Support Group for People of Color

Warning message

This workshop is restricted to only the group or groups described below; attendees who do not self-identify as a member of these groups will be asked to leave by a member of Mazzoni Center staff at the beginning of the session.
This is workshop session is a support group for transmasculine people of color. This includes nonbinary and agender people as well. The support group is a POC space only. The group will serve as a safe space to meet new people and heal from the trauma that accompanies navigating the world as a person of color while being trans. A guided discussion will be lead by a nonbinary Latinix and black transmasculine person. Topics are not pre-slected, so everyone should fell free to come share and heal.

Intended audience(s)

The audience of this workshop is any and all people who are people of color who fall under the transmaculine umbrella. This does include nonbinary and agender individuals who were assigned female at birth that identify otherwise.

About the presenters

Quinten Bolden

A black transmasculine poet, novelist, and nurse who works to advocate for oppressed minorities in healthcare. Which includes educating queer people on safer sex practices. He most recently created a workshop to educate health care providers on providing queer competent healthcare. Strongly believes in societal equity and leveraging privilege to uplift those who are not. Is passionate about helping others grow and work through mental illness. Received AA Lone Star Honors College and BSN UTHealth School of Nursing.

Gabriel Reséndez

Gabriel Reséndez: Gabriel Reséndez is a nonbinary transmasculine YouTuber who lives in New York City. Aside from working their day job, they make videos on their personal transition as well as a variety of transgender/gender nonconforming topics as well as post regularly on their Instagram @neutralwolf. They have graduated Hunter College with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2013 and came out as transgender shortly after.