Keeping Up with Trump: What Health Care Providers Need to Know about Transgender Legal Issues

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Health care providers play an important role not only in delivering health care to transgender individuals, but also in assisting patients with non-medical aspects of their treatment for gender dysphoria. Providers must provide documentation for legal gender changes, insurance appeals, medical leave, disability benefits, etc. Patients may tell providers of legal problems they are experiencing and ask for help with advocacy at school or work. Gain a basic understanding of legal issues facing trans people so that you can become an effective advocate and resource for trans patients.

Learning objectives

Learn to spot legal issues facing transgender patients to appropriately refer them to legal assistance. Learn how to write effective letters for insurance appeals and gender marker changes.

About the presenters

Noah E. Lewis, Esq.

Noah E. Lewis, Esq. is the founder and executive director of Transcend Legal, a national, New York City-based organization focused on eliminating barriers to insurance coverage for transgender-related health care. Noah previously worked for the Transgender Law Center, the National LGBTQ Task Force, and served as the staff attorney at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund for five years. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Noah is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and was the first openly transgender student to graduate from Harvard Law School.

Asaf Orr, Esq.

Asaf is the Transgender Youth Project Staff Attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights. He has been advocating for the rights of transgender youth for nearly a decade. Asaf has represented transgender youth and their families in cases from discrimination in school and health care to child-custody disputes and abuse-and-neglect proceedings. In addition, Asaf has also authored publications and presented on topics related to transgender youth.