My Partner is Trans: Support and Self-care for Significant Others

Warning message

This workshop is restricted to only the group or groups described below; attendees who do not self-identify as a member of these groups will be asked to leave by a member of Mazzoni Center staff at the beginning of the session.
Beyond creating an inclusive and safe space for partners of transgender and non-binary people, this workshop will provide a brief educational overview on self-care, healthy communication tips, and navigating needs of self and partners in a relationship. Guidelines for safe sharing will be introduced and participants will be divided into smaller, break out affinity groups. These groups will be supported and guided by the workshop facilitators through conversational prompts and thoughtful exchanges. The session will conclude with next steps for ongoing support and a guided meditation.

Intended audience(s)

partners / significant others of transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary and intersex individuals

About the presenters

Alicia Rubenstein

Alicia Rubenstein is the Transgender Program Coordinator at Amida Care, an HIV special needs plan. Alicia identifies as a queer and nonbinary survivor. They have been working in social services for 12 years, advocating for and supporting underserved populations including people with disabilities, people living with HIV, and TGNCNB people. Alicia is an artist and activist living in Queens, New York with their spouse and 2 cats.

Tanith Broom

Tanith Broom is Co-founder and President of TransChance Health - a nonprofit focused on making healthcare navigation for trans people a breeze instead of a nightmare. They have worked in healthcare for 15+ years and volunteered as a GLBTQ+ patient advocate for 10+. Tanith is a super nerd obsessed with Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Disney, destroying the patriarchy and making healthcare accessible and competent for all. You can find them snuggling their cat while listening to podcasts.