Self-Care strategies for Trauma and Anxiety in Trans and Non-Binary Bodies

This workshop will provide helpful and important strategies to address stress and impact of daily life, trauma and anxiety. You can expect to walk away with a deeper understanding and learning of self massage, breathing and grounding techniques to be able to feel better out in a stressful world.

Intended audience(s)

This Workshop is best suited for Trans and Non-Binary individuals, their loved ones and Practitioners/Clinicians .

About the presenters

Sara Mindel LICSW

I am a Sensorimotor and EMDR trained Somatic Psychotherapist in Washington, DC. My Practice, Embodied Psychotherapy LLC, works with all bodies, genders, and sexualities. I specialize in, and am passionate about, working with trauma and mental health issues as they manifest in the body. My area's of expertise are Trauma, Sexuality, LGBTQ issues and Nono-monogamy. I am especially driven toward working in the queer community and helping LGBQ, Trans and Non-binary individuals find their way back into their bodies, their full experiences and relationships.

Frances Reed LMT

Frances Reed is a non-binary queer massage therapist and owner of Freed Bodyworks Holistic Wellness Center in Washington, DC. For 7+ years they have specialized in serving gender non-conforming clients in all stages of medical and non-medical transition. Frances wears a binder, has healed from a severe binding-injury and is passionate about helping other trans*-identified people bind in the healthiest ways possible. Frances is an anatomy geek, a social justice activist, and a dog lover.