Self-Massage for Chest Binding

Binding (using a special garment or tight sports bra to flatten the chest) is a vital tool for many of gender non-conforming people. Unfortunately, it can have serious impacts on the body because of breath constriction, muscle tightness, and alignment. The class addresses chest opening, breathing expansion, upper back & neck release, and ribcage pain relief by teaching a variety of tools for mitigating the impacts of binding through self-massage, stretching and fascial release.

Intended audience(s)

People who bind currently and are experiencing pain, people who are new to binding but want to develop strategies to stay healthy, and people who no longer bind but are still struggling with pain and restriction.

About the presenters

Frances Reed

Frances Reed is a non-binary queer massage therapist and owner of Freed Bodyworks Holistic Wellness Center in Washington, DC. For 7+ years they have specialized in serving gender non-conforming clients in all stages of medical and non-medical transition. Frances wears a binder, has healed from a severe binding-injury and is passionate about helping other trans*-identified people bind in the healthiest ways possible. Frances is an anatomy geek, a social justice activist, and a dog lover.