A Time for Connection and Creativity: Queer Community Mural

Warning message

This workshop is restricted to only the group or groups described below; attendees who do not self-identify as a member of these groups will be asked to leave by a member of Mazzoni Center staff at the beginning of the session.
A Time for Creativity and Connection, a drop-in therapeutic art workshop for trans, nonbinary, and gender independent conference attendees. Attending the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference is a wonderful opportunity and can also be overwhelming, which is why this workshop was created. This workshop hopes to provide an opportunity for attendees to destress and connect through the creation of a Queer Community Mural. Artistic ability is not important for this workshop, simply a willingness to explore art materials and connect with others. Attendees are permitted to come and go as they please

Intended audience(s)

Trans, nonbinary, gender independent persons

About the presenters

Meg Potoma

Erin Phoebus