Trans Aspies and Auties Discussion Group: Part 1

This discussion group is for trans folks with Autism, Aspergers, or otherwise on 'the spectrum' (with or without a formal diagnosis), to discuss our experiences in a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental, and self-guided environment. We will gather in a large group to introduce ourselves, before breaking out into small discussion groups (autism/trans self-awareness, non-binary/gender-fluid identities, trans healthcare). You will be able to join a private Facebook group after the workshop. If you have any suggestions, questions, or accessibility concerns please contact [email protected]

Intended audience(s)

This workshop is inclusive of and restricted to individuals who are on the autism spectrum, whether formally or self-diagnosed. We ask that non-spectrum folks, such as parents and caregivers, not attend unless necessary to allow the participation of someone who is.

About the presenters

Noah Adams

I am a 36-year-old white trans man, autistic, geek, and academic, who has been involved in the trans community, as both a member and a service provider, for over 15 years. I was born and raised in Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC) and now live in Toronto, ON, which was, at various times Anishinabek, Mississaugas of the New Credit, Haudenosaunee, and Huron territory. I completed a Master of Social Work on the subject of transgender suicidality. I currently work for Toronto Shelter Services and am a founding member of the Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Bridget Liang

Bridget Liang is a mixed race, queer, transfeminine, autistic, disabled, fat fangirl. They came into their queerness in Hamilton, Ontario and now live in Toronto. They’re a budding academic, community researcher, workshop and group facilitator, performance artist, and writer. They can be found lurking on Ao3 reading excessive amounts of fan fiction. They are especially interested in monsters and desirability politics, autistic and queer/trans things, and arts-based research. Check out their blog @