Transgender Affirming Sexual Violence Response

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Rates of sexual violence are alarmingly high in the transgender community. This especially affects individuals who are multiply marginalized. 50-60% of the trans community will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. Despite this, support services are under utilized for a variety of reasons including feeling misunderstood by providers. This workshop is on trauma informed LGBTQ affirming best practices for providers supporting victims and survivors of sexual violence.

Learning objectives

1. Providers will be able to increase their ability to provide LGBTQ affirming care. 2. Providers will be able to utilize trauma informed best practices in their when interacting with trans victims and survivors of sexual violence.

About the presenters

Quinn Pellerito

Quinn Pellerito holds the position of the LGBTQ Education Specialist at Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR). Quinn collaborates with the Mazzoni center on the lotus. program which aims to create a broad resource network of LGBTQ compotent sexual violence providers. They offer LGBTQ affirming trauma informed best practice trainings with the goal of minimizing barriers to accessing these services for LGBTQ individuals experiancing sexual violence.

Radha Prabakaran

Radha Prabakaran holds the position of Education Outreach Specialist at Mazzoni Center, an LGBTQ health and wellness organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They specifically develop and facilitate trainings relating to the issue of sexual violence affecting LGBTQ+ individuals and communities through the lotus. program in collaboration with WOAR. They are passionate about the important use of narrative, story, art, and community organizing in relationship to trauma, self-love, healing, and joy.