TWOC: Love Within Oneself & With Others

In this workshop, I plan to directly touch upon topics regarding dating as a trans woman of color, advocacy for oneself and ensuring that self love is implemented. I will also directly speak on my experiences with relationships, marriage, divorce and discovery of my own body both before and after SRS. In this session, I will provide resources within New York and Pennsylvania states that I've used and can speak to, that have helped me with my own journey. Specifically, I will speak from the standpoint of an Afro-Latina/Asian perspective, but I want it to be an open discussion for others too.

Intended audience(s)

This workshop will be open to all but intended for those of color.

About the presenters

Hana Jung-Garcia

Hana Jung-Garcia is a woman of Afro-Latina and Asian American heritage who began her career in modeling in 2017. Though short-lived, she accomplished a lot in her modeling career and continues to use her platform as a way to advocate for the trans community as well as women of color in general.