The Women's Film Festival presents Trans Stories

The Women's Film Festival (TWFF) will present a one hour program of films that reflect and represent the trans community.

Intended audience(s)

This will be an informative and heartwarming program of short films that will reflect various aspects of the trans experience.

About the presenters

Suzi Nash

Suzi Nash has been in the entertainment field of over 20 years. Nash is a filmmaker, actor and writer for the Philadelphia Gay News. Some of you may remember Suzi from her 17 years hosting karaoke at Sisters, or her stint as co-host of the Bozo the Clown show. She also serves as a programmer for qFLIX and the Director of Programming for The Women's Film Festival. Her award winning short film, “Uncle Mike” - one of the first trans positive videos for children - played in film festivals both in the USA and Internationally.