Transgender Awareness Ball categories


Trans-woman CATEGORIES  (No cis women)

Performance “La Bella Mafia “ $800
Lil Kim returned to the scene on March 4, 2003 with her third solo album, La Bella Mafia, an album that found her addressing a number of questions, particularly the elephant in the room regarding her beefs with her contemporaries. Fifteen years have passed since the album's release, tonight in celebration of that bring us your La Bella Mafia inspired effect.
Realness: “The Ransom Note” $100
There is a price one eventually pays when being married to the mob …There is also a price when being a Trans women of color.  In your pinstripe effect, bring a Trans issue to the judges, written out ransom note style, commanding their attention as your realness mesmerizes the crowd.
Sex vs Body: ”Faux or Fur “ $100
Daddy’s had a long day and needs a pick me up.  He called and said he’s on his way.  Meet daddy at the door in your faux or fur coat and lingerie!
Runway “The Hit Women” $200
The hit has been called and you have your mark.  In all black effect with a fedora with the Trans Flag incorporate in your look hit the floor and don’t forget, the job isn’t done until you’ve slayed everyone.

Trans-Man CATEGORIES  (no cis men)

Realness “Mafia Commission Trial”$100
Time magazine called this the "Case of all Cases" possibly "the most significant assault on the infrastructure of organized crime since the high command of the Chicago Mafia was swept away in 1943."
  • Thug: The Inmate
  • Pretty Boy: The Cop
  • Executive: Lawyer
  • School Boy: Journalist with an 8X10 newspaper article on Trans justice.
TRILOGY: “The perfect Gentleman” $250
Swag, Realness and Sex Appeal “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse”
In your all black suit deliver a red rose to one of the judges with a pick up line to seal the deal.


Realness: “The Good Fellas” $200
Tonight we want you to bring Good Fellas, a 1990 American crime film, TO LIFE!
  • Thugs: “THE MUSCLE” (showing strength for your Trans brothers and sisters) in a white tank top, suspenders, and slacks
  • Pretty Boy: “The Bookie” (laundering money for the next march) in a Trench coat, calculator in hand
  • Executive: “The Don” (Heading the fight for Trans Rights) in a suit don’t forget your cigar (No Lit Cigars!)
  • School: “Paper Boy” (spreading the word about Trans Awareness) pull a note out of your messenger bag for the judges to read aloud
  • Pretty  Boy VS Schoolboy $100
  • Thug VS Executive $100
Sex VS Body: “The Godfather” $100
The Godfather is widely regarded as one of the greatest films in cinema and one of the most influential.  Bring it in a smoking jacket and a fedora sending an influential statement about sex positivity.
PERFORMANCE: Twisters “A Wedding for the Don’s Daughters” $250  plus 5 dollar pot
No one refuses a request from the Don on his daughter’s wedding day. You have received your tens for realness now it’s time to come back and slay the floor in your scandalous wedding attire!!!
PERFORMANCE Sisters: “The Line Up” $250  plus 5 dollar pot
When a crime has been committed, law enforcement will often ask the victim to identify the perpetrator in a line- up.  Each sister will receive their tens (in a white tank top jean Daisy dukes and and bandanna) and be given a number to hold.  At each battle the winner will pick a number till there’s one person left standing.  Be smart about who you pick because there no taking it as a house! Who will survive the line-up?


Runway: ‘’The Widow VS The Widower’’ #TheUmbrellaMovment $200
In contemporary China, umbrellas have been used as a protester's self-defense.  After the death of your husband during his business trip in China, fresh off the plane looking to identify his body bring it to judges in a veil and creative umbrella.
Face: “The Hostage” $100
You’ve been told there’s a rat in your family that’s been talking to the feds.  So it’s only right to do “a shakedown."  The Don wants to see YOU.  Face covered, arrive at the judges’ panel to reveal you perfect mugshot.  Will you be forgiven for your crimes against the family or will it be off with your head?
Best Dressed “The Cotton Club” $500
Stephanie Saint-Clair was an American Mob boss in Harlem, New York in the early part of the 20th century known not only for her criminal activities but for her sense of style.  Sateen.  Fascinators.  Furs.  Hats.  Tonight we expect nothing less for your look. Using the 20s as your influence bring a look worthy of a night at the cotton club!!!!!