How to Love

How To Love, Mazzoni Center’s healthy sexuality workshop series, delivers comprehensive and interactive workshops for young people ages 13 – 24 and can be implemented both in and outside of school-curriculum. As part of a ten session series, or individually, our workshops aim to promote an understanding and appreciation of sexuality in order to strengthen communication skills and enhance health and well-being. Our trained staff work to address factors motivating behavior—including the role of sexual risk-taking—as a part of social and emotional development. Our interactive approach incorporates young people’s beliefs and responses as part of the pedagogical strategy.
Each 45-minute session , can be offered as a series, or individually, and can be extended as needed to provide additional information and/or to meet the specific needs of your group. The curriculum is designed to be appropriate for young people ages 13-24 of all races/ethnicities, gender expressions and sexual orientation and identities.
How To Love curriculum serves:
middle and high school students, 
  • GSA/QSA groups, 
  • after-school programs, 
  • summer camps, 
  • community-based organizations, 
  • health centers, 
  • and recreational centers.  
Workshops include:
  • Session One: Healthy Relationships
  • Session Two: Knowing Your Body & Anatomy
  • Session Three: Reproduction & Birth Control
  • Session Four: HIV/AIDS 101
  • Session Five: STI’s Safer Sex
  • Session Six: Gender & Sexual Identity
  • Session Seven: Am I Bullying?” 
  • Session Eight: Self Esteem
  • Session Nine: Consent
  • Session Ten: Sex & Tech

Schedule a How To Love workshop in your school or community program: Direct Email: [email protected] and [email protected]


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