Street Smart

Street Smart is an engaging, highly interactive group program for young people between the ages of 14 and 24. Through guided conversations and role-playing exercises, participants learn how to make healthier, more informed decisions - particularly when it comes to sexual behavior and the use of substances. All sessions provide instruction and practice in using social skills to improve decision making in high-risk situations, practice safer behaviors, and avoid things like unintended pregnancy and HIV infection.  

This program is open to youth ages 14-24, specifically those who are at high risk or currently engaging in high-risk behaviors.

All participants receive transit tokens and a hot meal at each session, plus a $10 gift card at the completion of the 11-week workshop cycle.

Workshops take place at our Washington West location (1201 Locust Street) and can be presented at community based organizations and recreational centers by request. 

Meet our team

Mazzoni Center LGBT health Philadelphia youth services
Youth Education Specialist
Sean Laughlin Street Smart
Street Smart Coordinator
Anthony Leon, Intervention Specialist
Youth Education Manager
Director of Prevention Services Eric Paulukonis
Director of Prevention Services
Youth Education Specialist