Gender Affirming FAQ

Gender Affirming FAQ

What happens after I register for the patient portal for the first time? 

Don’t worry one of our registrars will message you back through the portal shortly to inquire about what services you are looking for. Click here for full details and how to start/sign up for services.

How do I know if Mazzoni Center accepts my insurance? 

Insurance can be tricky, and coverage varies by plan. It’s best to contact our front desk staff with questions or contact your insurance provider (Insurance service numbers can be found on the back of your insurance card).

I don’t have insurance. Can I still receive services? 

Yes – our care navigation team can assist you with applying for coverage. We offer a sliding scale for those without insurance or whose insurance does not cover certain services. This will be discussed during patient registration. If your insurance changes, please contact our front desk as soon as possible with new information.

Do you have a Primary Care Provider and just want to come to Mazzoni Center for hormones?

We offer Gender Affirming Services on a sliding scale to ensure you can keep your primary provider near you.

Are you under 18 years of age and want to start medical transition? 

Check out our PACTS program to see what services we offer.

Are you interested in mental health or substance use therapy? 

We offer these services through Mazzoni Center's Behavioral Health. To get started, contact one of our our Intake lines.

Did you know that you no longer need a professional’s signature to update your gender marker on your state ID? 

Follow this link for more information:  

Interested in trans resources? 

Check out our Gender Affirming Resource Guide for up-to-date resources and information

2022 Philadelphia Resource Guide