Donate to Mazzoni Center

Donate to Mazzoni Center

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Mazzoni Center was built on the generosity of Philadelphia’s LGBTQ community. Our mission began with people who donated their time, talent and resources. Mazzoni Center has experienced growth in our 40+ years to include the many services we provide today.  

We are invested in our community. This is at the core of our identity. Many of our staff are members of the LGBTQ+ community, which creates a sense of inclusion for all. Patients and clients are treated by providers who look like them with similar experiences. Mazzoni Center is a safe place for anyone who needs care and support.  

Mazzoni Center is vital to Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ community. The services we provide are vast and uniquely created to benefit members of our community. Our services and approach to care are valuable to so many people.  

Everyone has access to healthcare at Mazzoni Center. We treat all of our patients with dignity and respect. Each patient is met with empathy and support. This approach helps our patients and clients feel a sense of empowerment in themselves and in their everyday lives.  

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Emergency Needs Fund Campaign

Our Emergency Needs Fund is vital to many of our clients. As we provide our clients with the best care possible, we can’t ignore that some might need additional assistance.

Ninety percent of our clients live in households which fall significantly below the federal poverty guidelines. As a result, clients often struggle with acquiring basic needs like winter clothing, personal hygiene products, mattresses, AC units, and medical supplies not covered by insurance. Our Emergency Needs Fund assists clients and their families with accessing these types of necessities that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Donate to Our Emergency Needs Fund Campaign




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