Exhibitors and Vendors Tables | PTWC

Exhibitors and Vendors Tables | PTWC

Your support helps keep the conference free for general attendees, ensuring a more equitable representation of community members who can be a part of the movement for greater health and wellness for transgender individuals and their families.  

Your organization or business will benefit from continuous traffic during the conference. In  addition, exhibiting or vending at the conference allows your organization to: 
• Connect marginalized groups to much-needed resources
• Expand the scope of your services to better encompass trans people
• Promote your work or organization 

Exhibitors and vendors in the past included:
• Apparel makers
• Non-profit organizations
• Family and youth support organizations
• Legal advocacy groups
• Artists
• Record labels and musicians
• Religious organizations
• Booksellers and publishers
• Trans wellness vendors (binders, packers, prosthetics, breast forms)

Pricing and Lottery Registration

Exact pricing and registration information for exhibitors and vendors should be available sometime in May. Space will be limited.  Please check back for more information.