Affirming Hearts Academy: LGBTQ+ Love and Relationship

Affirming Hearts Academy: LGBTQ+ Love and Relationship

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Mazzoni Center is launching an exciting new educational group: Affirming Hearts Academy: LGBTQ+ Healthy Love and Relationships. This free weekly group is for LGBTQ+ adults 18+ who are looking to explore what it means to have healthy and joyful LGBTQ+ affirming relationships of all kinds. Participants will discover ways to engage in LGBTQ+ affirming romantic relationships, friendships, familial bonds, professional connections, and more.  

This group provides a unique opportunity for queer and trans adults to re-envision what healthy relationships might look like in a queer and trans affirming framework. We are excited to discuss how relationships can be affirming, collaborative, consensual, and joyful while celebrating our LGBTQ+ identities throughout our sessions. LGBTQ+ folks deserve to be in partnerships and relationships where their pronouns are respected, their sexual orientation and gender identities are understood, and they can be their full selves. This group will help participants envision what those kinds of relationships would look like for them.

Affirming Hearts Academy sessions achieve this goal through topics including Characteristics of Healthy LGBTQ+ Relationships, Consent and Communicating Needs, Boundaries, Identity and Experience and more. This group combines education, discussion, and creative art practices to reach as many learners as possible. Participants will receive journals and art supplies to process each week's concepts through collage and SEPTA passes and snacks will be provided. Community building and collaboration are essential parts of this group.

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