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Mazzoni Center Legal Services, in collaboration with our friends at the ACLU of Pennsylvania, have put together a two-sided flyer, explaining the legal rights of anyone involved in a protest.  
Side one of this flyer was prepared by the ACLU of PA, and outlines some basic do’s and don’ts to stay safe in an encounter with law enforcement officials.  
Side two provides additional considerations for trans and gender variant protesters, prepared by our team at More...
(*Note: this list of ordinances has been updated as of May 2016)
Abington Township, (Code of the Township of Abington, Ordinance No. 2029) (2012)
Allegheny County (Allegheny County Code of Ordinances, Ordinance No. 26-09-OR) (2009); 
Allentown City (Codified Ordinances of the City of Allentown § 181) (2002); 

Ambler Borough (awaiting citation) (enacted May 17, 2016, effective August 15, 2016);

Bethlehem City (Codified Ordinances of the City of Bethlehem No. More...

The first-ever LGBT Health Care Bill of Rights was officially released in November 2014 by our friends at LGBT HealthLink, in conjunction with Missouri's PROMO and lawyer Corey Prachniak. The goal of the project was to educate LGBT people about their rights and protections when it comes to access health care in the U.S.

Mazzoni CEO Nurit Shein said: “We are proud to support this project, More...