What Workshop Topics are Available?

What Workshop Topics are Available?

Our topics are continually updated and improved based on the latest research in our field. Current offerings are listed below. In addition, we strongly suggest that your first professional development offering be our LGBTQ Fundamentals course. 

All workshops are available to be scheduled as private sessions for your organization. Workshop content and duration may be customized depending on organization needs. Due to the interactive nature of our trainings, we recommend a total of 30 participants per live session.  


Serving hospitals, medical centers, private practice and medical schools, workshops for medical professionals include the fundamentals of building long-term alliances with LGBTQ patients and their families. Trainings can also include topics such as taking an affirmative sexual history, affirmative pronoun use, trauma-informed practice, serving our TGNC community members, and more.   


  • Better Practices for LGBTQ Patients in Healthcare Settings  
  • Fertility, Pregnancy, and Birth Care for LGBTQ Patients and Families  
  • Generational Health Considerations for LGBTQ Patients  
  • LGBTQ-Inclusive Sexual History-Taking 

Behavioral Health  

Supporting social service and behavioral health staff in enhancing their ability to understand, connect with, and best serve LGBTQ clients. Additionally, behavioral health staff are encouraged to reflect on their current inclusivity practices—and strategically incorporate new practices—in order to provide the most appropriate and optimum care services that positively impact LGBTQ clients’ wellbeing.   


  • Noticing & Navigating Implicit Bias in Behavioral Health Settings  
  • Health Disparities/Clinical Considerations  
  • Utilizing Trauma-Informed Care  
  • Clinical Considerations for serving LGBTQ Clients 

General Industry  

Every industry, business, and workplace serves LGBTQ communities. If you’re seeking information and strategies to make your specific environment more LGBTQ-affirming, these modules are for you!  


  • Creating Affirming LGBTQ Work Environments  
  • LGBTQ Inclusive HR Best Practices  
  • Noticing & Navigating Implicit Bias 


Empowering teachers, administration, education staff, and youth service providers with the necessary tools to support and advocate for LGBTQ youth and young adults in their professions. With applied activities, tangible best practices, case scenarios, and policy overviews, professional development in education helps build stronger, safer, and more knowledgeable educators.   


  • Supporting & Advocating for LGBTQ Youth: K-12