LGBTQ Professional Development Workshop Topics​ ​

LGBTQ Professional Development Workshop Topics​ ​

Our courses are continually updated and improved based on the latest research and recommended best practices. All workshops are available as private sessions for your organization. Content and duration can be customized depending on your team's needs. For in-person workshops, we recommend training groups of about 25-35 participants at a time. Live virtual workshops can be hosted for up to 100-500 participants at a time.​

Pro Tip: We strongly suggest that you start with our LGBTQ Fundamentals course! This training explores the basics of LGBTQ identity, pronouns, and provides time to discuss and practice important skills to create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ communities.​

Current topics:​

  • Sex, Gender, and Sexuality 101​
  • Pronouns​
  • Gender-Affirming Language​
  • Intersectionality and LGBTQIA+ Communities​
  • Supporting Queer and Trans Youth​
  • Supporting Queer and Trans Survivors of Interpersonal Violence ​
  • Queer- and Trans-Affirming Best Practices in Your Industry​
  • Queer- and Trans-Affirming Sexual History-Taking​
  • LGBTQIA-Affirming Workplaces​
  • Trauma-Informed Care​
  • ...and more to come!​

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